New High Definition Cameras for Fall Semester

A major video manufacturer recently said that standard definition NTSC formats would soon "fade away" and they weren't kidding. Few SD cameras are even available to purchase anymore. High definition has made major leaps in affordability and portability in the last three years and new HD cameras are hitting the streets all the time. Thanks to the DV revolution, many of these cameras come complete with professional audio inputs and controls.

The latest incarnation of portable HD cameras records direct to file. Our newest camera, the Panasonic AG-HMC150, records directly to SDHC cards that are both super-portable and inexpensive. These cards can be read directly to a laptop with nothing more than a standard SD card reader. The HMC150 boasts 1080P shooting capability and can even be overcranked when shooting in the 720P mode and speed-adjusted in post production. Many of the features of Panasonic;s HVX200 are incorporated into the design of the camera and if you've ever shot with the DVX100 or DVX100B the learning curve is a short one.


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