SDHC Cards and the Panasonic AG-HMC150

For those of you shooting on our second-year camera, the Panasonic AG-HMC150, you have probably already seen these cards. Perhaps you've even pondered what "Class 6" actually means. Hopefully we can clear up some of these questions.

Firstly, the HMC150 can shoot with any SD card. However, you will only be able to take advantage of the high-quality modes with cards rated as "Class 4" or higher. We provide "Class 6" rated cards to give you some peace of mind.

SDHC Class Ratings:
Class 2: 2 MByte/s - 13x
Class 4: 4 MByte/s - 26x
Class 6: 6 MByte/s - 40x

Keep in mind that these ratings are minimum transfer speeds and that peak performance can be much faster.

Not sure how much footage your SDHC card can hold? In the highest quality (PH mode) you'll get about 6.35 minutes per gigabyte, so you can estimate card capacity by the following formula:

6.35 x (card capacity) = available time in minutes

So, some common SDHC card sizes can hold the following:
4GB ≈ 25 minutes
8GB ≈ 51 minutes
16GB ≈ 102 minutes
32GB ≈ 204 minutes

DSLR Shooting Continues Apace

Joshua Tree: Panasonic Lumix GH1 from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Hot Rod Cameras is now making a sweet PL-to-Micro Four Thirds mount system that works with Panasonic's Lumix GH1. While the sensor is smaller than others (notably the Canon 7D), the adaptability is a big plus.

EMW Pinouts

Countryman EMW pinouts. I really just put them up since I'm repairing some mics that endured some connector abuse, but they're useful if you happen to be repairing your own.

Panasonic P2 Card Reader Soon!

Rumors are swirling that Panasonic is coming out with a single slot P2 card reader in Spring 2010. Let's hope it's true. Our friends at Abel have some great pointers on Duel Adapter compatibility with Snow Leopard (it's not compatible).

If you're on a shoot, are using one of SVA's laptops, and have trouble with the Duel Adapter reading P2 cards, try the following:

1. Eject the Duel Adapter and shut down the laptop.
2. Reinsert the Duel Adapter and power up again.
3. If this fails or you get an error message, the Duel Adapter is toast (a relatively common occurance).

You can use a mini USB to USB cable to download directly from the camera or stop by Dub Room 316 where we have a Panasonic five slot P2 card reader.

Garret Brown on the Steadicam Flyer LE

We picked up a few of these for our thesis students' shoots. They really are a joy to use.

Lectrosonics UCR401 Receiver and UM400A Transmitter

Tired of trying to ferret out a free channel in New York's busy RF environment? Our newest acquisitions may make it a bit easier. These gems are more than three times as powerful as our previous wireless mics, have diversity reception, and an easy-to-use frequency scan function that allows you to pick a quiet channel at any location. We'll be posting a tuning video shortly, but until then check out the user manuals in the Audio Manuals section to the right of this post. FYI, we have packages in blocks 19 and 20.

P+S Technik Digital SR Magazine

We've been talking about this idea in the Production Office for ten years or so. Finally, someone with the wherewithal to turn it into an actual thing did too. A really beautiful idea if you happen to have a dozen Arriflex cameras in the inventory. I haven't seen a real one of these yet, but the concept is pretty straight forward: keep all the wonderful, mechanical guts, lenses, and accessories and replace the mag with an imaging system. As soon as these hit the street, we'll review it and let you know more.

Elmo TRV-16 Telecine

16mm Film to Video Transfer from SVA Film/Video on Vimeo.

A short tutorial on using the Elmo TRV-16.

Sennheiser e112 Wireless System Intro

Sennheiser EW112 Wireless Package - Basic Set Up from SVA Film/Video on Vimeo.

Panasonic DVX-100B on the Inside

The Panasonic DVX 100B-Part#2 An Inside Tour from SVA Film/Video on Vimeo.

Panasonic DVX-100B

The Panasonic DVX100B-Part #1 An Outside Tour from SVA Film/Video on Vimeo.

Arriflex S with 400' Magazine

Arriflex S with 400' Magazine from SVA Film/Video on Vimeo.

Arriflex-S 16mm motors

Arriflex S 16mm motors from SVA Film/Video on Vimeo.

Sekonic Deluxe Light Meter - Basic Incident Usage

Sekonic Deluxe Light Meter - Basic Incident Usage from SVA Film/Video on Vimeo.

Sound Devices CL-2

Dual-System w/ Sound Devices 788T & Canon 5D MarkII from Sound Devices

Jon Tatooles, from Sound Devices, demonstrates the new CL-2 remote control for the Sound Devices 744T.