The Loneliest Camera

The Eclair NPR was once so top-of-the-heap that any independent doc maker wouldn't be caught dead without one. This has changed a bit with DV (and now HD) shooting becoming the standard documentary format. However, the NPR remains a great camera.

You'll notice that it's from France and is sexy to look at. It's a mechanically sexy beast as well. With the capability to change shutter angles from 5° to 180° (that's more than five full stops!), you could shoot on the surface of the sun with only a single ND filter. Take note of the c-mount lens on the secondary mount. Yeah, you can shoot with a zoom for speed and quickly swap to a prime for extra speed or sharpness when needed. Also, this means you can take advantage of some of our nicest (and newest) lenses in the shop—the Switar c-mount primes.

Did I mention that this thing is Super 16? And that it has the brightest video tap of all our cameras? And that it's pretty darn quiet compared to our Arri SR1 cameras?

Don't be freaked out by the fact that you've never shot with a camera like this, we're happy to give you a demo to calm those DP nerves. Besides, you can download the manual from this site or visit the Eclair Community Home Page for more info.


Yoshi said...

I absolutely love this camera!

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