Panasonic P2 Card Reader Soon!

Rumors are swirling that Panasonic is coming out with a single slot P2 card reader in Spring 2010. Let's hope it's true. Our friends at Abel have some great pointers on Duel Adapter compatibility with Snow Leopard (it's not compatible).

If you're on a shoot, are using one of SVA's laptops, and have trouble with the Duel Adapter reading P2 cards, try the following:

1. Eject the Duel Adapter and shut down the laptop.
2. Reinsert the Duel Adapter and power up again.
3. If this fails or you get an error message, the Duel Adapter is toast (a relatively common occurance).

You can use a mini USB to USB cable to download directly from the camera or stop by Dub Room 316 where we have a Panasonic five slot P2 card reader.


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